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Why Choose Kalakendra?

We offer services for ALL AGES. All of our instructors are professional well trained. We provide a professional atmosphere and comfortable and big teaching rooms. Plenty of Performance Opportunities.



Kalakendra fosters a culture of encouragement, friendliness, high character, role-modeling, risk-taking, integrity, and excellence.

Cutting Edge

Kalakendra seeks to stay on the cutting edge of the most current teaching styles, while still being connected to the great styles and genres of the past.


Kalakendra seeks to be a symbol of excellence in the community. We are dedicated to providing high quality classes to students of all levels.

About us

Kalakendra Arts Center-House of Arts

Kalakendra Arts Center W.L.L - A multidisciplinary institute founded in 2021 with a focus on providing the best training for a variety of cross-cultural art forms and for all age groups, that truly believes in the motto "Do what you love!". 

Kalakendra, which means the "House of Arts" is derived from the Sanskrit words “Kala” meaning performing arts and “Kendra” meaning house. The institute is ideally located in Adliya and within everyone's reach.

We Offer

Kalakendra Arts Center W.L.L aims to cater to the cultural needs of both nationals and expatriates in the Kingdom of Bahrain. We offer activities such as Dance, Music, Yoga, Karate and Fitness thereby enhancing the student’s ability and talent and a platform to express themselves.

Professional Teachers

Kalakendra Arts Center is led by a group of dedicated and eminent teachers who are well versed at nurturing young and adult talent equally. We believe in developing well-rounded individuals with a deep understanding and awareness of different art forms that might either be a stress-buster in this highly paced lifestyle or help them towards being the next best musician or artist.

We are Online

We also introduce "Kalakendra Online" which serves as an extension of our various music/art/dance classes making them accessible to aspiring individuals as well as to people who are looking for hobby courses from the comfort of their homes.

Our Courses

Discover how we prepare you for sustained work in the creative and performing arts.

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  • Other Courses


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Fitness Dance

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Vocal Training

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Western Music Vocal

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Carnatic music Vocal

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Hindustani Music Vocal

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Drawing & Painting

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Principal's Desk

At Kalakendra Arts Center W.L.L, we believe that it is not only important to make one academically intelligent but also enable them to grow artistically.

Our academy always strives to provide the best and highest quality of art education to our beloved students.

We believe in empowering our students in a connected world, helping them to fulfill their dreams.

Our aim is to encourage our students to live by our motto everyday "Do what you love".

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents who have trusted Kalakendra and by allowing us to be a part of your journey. For these, and a million other things, we are truly grateful.

Manjith. T (Principal)

Our Mission

Kalakendra Arts Center is the most dedicated performing arts academy in the Kingdom of Bahrain. We will train, educate and produce graduates with a competitive edge in an international market, with all the necessary skills to develop a lasting and prosperous career within the professional performing arts industry.

Our Plan

We are the pioneers in the field of dance, music, art and craft in an acknowledged for the professionalism, dedication, passion and boundless creativity exhibited by us in these fields. We commit ourselves to continuous learning, development, innovation, pledge to motivate, train and chisel every student to become the artist that he aspires to be.

Our Vision

We expand concepts of intelligence beyond academic ability, and most importantly we prepare students for professional work in the performing arts. Performing arts and performing artists includes all those involved in the collaborative process of making professional performance. Talent is a developmental process that unfolds over many years of hard, disciplined work. Even modest talents can be developed to astonishing levels.

Our Care

Every student will be treated with the greatest of care, respect, and devotion. We are devoted to developing all of our students to the best of their ability. Our philosophy is to nurture the art of music by providing a well-rounded curriculum encompassing a broad range of musical skills. We believe that all children have musical talent.

Anil Divakaran

Learning Drums at Kalakendra Arts Center

Kalakendra is a great musical institute for people who are passionate and have the drive to succeed in their field. Their faculties are excellent, their guidance have helped me to achieve Distinction grades in Trinity college of London exams. Any aspiring musician wants to join an institute, it’s here. Just do it!

Binu George

Learning Guitar at Kalakendra Arts Center

I have been with Kalakendra since April 2021 and on to learning Guitar. It has been a nice journey and l love the way my Guru teaches me the Guitar lessons. Guru had been giving me a flexible timing so that i can balance my job and family life too. Again its a pleasure to be with M/s Kalakendra and hope to continue the relationship as long I am in Bahrain. I certainly recommend any age groups to be part of this Art Institute.!

Learning Drums at Kalakendra Arts Center

I have two of my children and myself learning drums at Kalakendra-The teacher is very good and we are learning a lot every lesson.The staffs are highly professional and helpful.We are extremely happy to have chosen Kalakendra institute.Truly it is the rigjt place to learn what we love....

Dollybeth Soltes

Learning Keyboard at Kalakendra Arts Center

Warm and cozy environment to learn music with Trinity college certified music professionals. Also, they follow strict Covid protocols. I can vouch that Kalakendra is one of the best music schools in the Kingdom of Bahrain for all ages . With a very affordable tuition fee of course. Enroll now!!!


Learning Dance at Kalakendra Arts Center

Probably the best learning institution in Bahrain to learn and improve your hobby of Dancing, singing or any other musical instruments. Staff is also very nice and polite to everyone!! Highly recommend..

Vincent D souza

Learning Keyboard at Kalakendra Arts Center

The Kalakendra Institute of Arts in Adliya is a centrally and conveniently located place of learning imparting training in various Arts. I chose Keyboard because I always wanted to play good music and sing. With the dedicated teaching methods of Kevin Francis, I am happy to say that in a very short while I attained the skills and confidence to further my interest and would highly recommend Kalakendra to embark on a musical journey and other Arts that they offer.


Get to know our teachers….

Sayonji Simon

Drums & Guitar

Kevin Francis

Keyboard & Piano



Manoj N. K

Karate & Yoga

Sruthi V C



Mridangam & Tabla


Frequently Asked Questions about Kalakendra Arts Center and our Courses




    Our Address is as follows.

    Villa No 204, Road No 2704, Block 327, Near HSBC bank/ Al Hilal Hospital, Adilya, Kingdom Of Bahrain.
    Please refer our google map location
    Contact Number : 973-32312255.
  • The Kalakendra Art Center offers exceptional lessons & practices to students of all ages and levels. We celebrate the uniqueness of every student!

  • Our instructors are well proffessional, wel experienced and great performers. In addition to their credentials, our teachers have warm personalities, are extremely friendly, and strive to get to know each student and their parents on a personal level.

  • CALL OR TEXT 973-32312255 TODAY

  • Our class rooms , offices and other area of premises are under CCTV surveillance.


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